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End of April was the French Gencon in Paris. At this occasion, I tested special set-ups for a Metropolys tournament (in 3 rounds - 4 players - expert rules).

First round: "Tous au centre!" (All to the center!)

A trendy city center...

Second round: "Le mur d'Hadrien" (Hadrien's wall)

An archeological site of a Roman wall has been discovered, crossing the city.

Last round: "Impasses interdites" (Forbidden blind alley)

You can download these setups here.

I adapted after some additional setups for 2 and 3 players sessions.
The districts in grey are the ones not used.

Setup for 3 players: "Le métro c'est trop!" (Subway way)

Setup for 3 players: "Le mur d'Hadrien" (Hadrien's wall)

Setup for 2 players: "Le métro c'est trop!" (Subway way)

Setup for 2 players: "Le mur d'Hadrien" (Hadrien's wall)

You can donwload the 2 and 3 players setups

Have fun!

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